A prompt

I have occasionally thought about starting a blog but have quickly put the notion to rest. There are so many blogs out there. What could I possibly have to say that someone might find worth reading? Could I add anything to the kingdom by becoming one of those thousands who believe they have something worth listening too? I am on the back edge (as opposed to the cutting edge) of this technology and I know it.

But here I am….carving out time in my hectic schedule to make an effort to offer something that I think we need.

I am prompted by the 2012 General Conference of the United Methodist Church, my two rural churches that were made to feel like the only hope they had left was to survive, and my children.

I have no intention of spending much time on my children in this blog BUT they prompt me to try in some small way to work for change in our church. NOT because I want the institution to survive for them but because I think encompassed in this institution are truths about God and his kingdom that are powerful and good. I don’t believe God is done with our denomination any more than I believe the rural congregations I serve are only capable of surviving. What’s more I look at my girls and see something we are missing in the church…imagination.

In bible study, we are working through the book of Revelation. It is daunting work trying to wade through the many ways this book of faith has been interpreted and misinterpreted. One thing I have realized out of this study is that God has quite an imagination. Seraphs covered in eyes, with six sets of wings comes vividly to my mind here. It seems to me that we have lost our imagination in the church. We no longer imagine who we could be if we were brave enough, if we trusted enough, if we took the risk. We have forgotten we believe in God who is the most amazing imagination, who has imagined beyond what we are capable of knowing.

As a pastor, I am committed to gaining a corporate imagination. I see it happening in two rural churches in north central Iowa: people who did not know how to dream are beginning to dream about what God might do. Our dreams might never be carried out but because we are willing to imagine we are becoming who God wants us to be.

2 Replies to “A prompt”

  1. Only when we Believe can we truly imagine what God has in store for us, I have witnessed first hand the strength of a small rural church congregation daring to be bold and to dream beyond what they had, an old run down church, made new in their witness and effort to grow and make more disciples for the Kingdom…


    1. I agree, Marsha. I think we underestimate the power of imagination, especially when it comes to the small church. We are so quick to give up on churches and on ourselves if we are convinced that the results will not be “big enough”. We become discouraged in the church when our efforts don’t net more people, neglecting the fact that our efforts might be growing more Spirit among those who are already there. THAT is never a failure in my mind.


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