New Year Praying

Last night we prayed for a couple in our church. The girls don’t know them terribly well but I was able to share that their grandson, his wife and their three small children just moved to Narobi, Africa to do mission work for the next two years. We talked about how important it is to bring God’s good news to everyone and how hard it is to live in places where there are no roads for cars.

Every January 1st we begin the new year by taking down our Christmas cards one by one off of the walls where they are hung. At dinner, we pray for each person and family. Last year it was well into March before we got through each card. For most of one dinner, we focus on these individuals who took the time to remember us during the holidays.

I don’t know about you but when cards come in we often get five or ten in a day. I open them, but Nathan and the girls often don’t have the time to read them all. This tradition gives us the chance to talk about church members, present and past, friends, and family members. We often take the time to share memories or moments. It is a tradition that of all of our traditions is the most precious to me.

So many of the individuals on our wall at Christmas are folks we only hear from once a year. And if I am honest, some of them are people I don’t think or pray for often, and other than their Christmas cards or an occasional passing comment usually from a mutual friend, we don’t really even know what is going on in their lives.

In a culture where we have hundreds of ways to connect and yet remain so isolated, it is a sacred moment to stop, pray and celebrate the people with whom we have crossed paths.


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