About Me

Its always so hard to put in a list who I am…what is most essential about me. When I list follower of Christ, wife, mother, United Methodist Pastor, I always wonder how best to convey the equal yet different status of the last three in the list.

I am married to the most wonderful man who is my biggest encourager and support. He has given his life to follow my call into ministry, willingly taking on the role of primary caregiver and teacher to our girls, he jumps in whenever needed and endlessly tolerates the sporadic schedule I keep.

Our girls are growing at a rapid rate with two now in high school. The elementary years are quickly moving behind us! For a woman who never imagined being a mother, they are delights in my life. I could not imagine a home without them. They are busy, busy, busy.

I am a “good” Methodist, staying in the middle of the road on most issues, trying to err on the side of love and grace no matter what. My foundation is that “God is love” and I try to return to that very simple truth in all my beliefs and reasonings. I cling to Nehemiah 8:10 “The joy of the Lord is your strength”, remembering that there is ALWAYS more strength in joy than in sorrow.

Christina Perkins

These are my thoughts, not necessarily the official stance of the United Methodist Church or the local congregations I serve.

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