#ThanksLiving2014 #Abundance

So yesterday’s post on Abundance did not happen on time because we received a call that has us on the road back to Iowa.

As we are traveling today, I am thinking about abundance especially in conjunction with All Saints Sunday. When I think about abundance I think about the abundance of love that I have experienced in my life. Abundance for me is not the stuff we have accumulated (although with five daughters there is certainly a lot material abundance in our life!) rather it is the abundance of people, of opportunities, of beautiful moments shared.

Abundance is having a church member call simply to say “drive safely because you are a treasure to us”. Abundance is getting to share a Father’s Day dinner with your father, father-in-law, grandfather-in-law and husband, four men who are extravagant in their love. Abundance is a six year old who just has to have a snuggle. Or children in the back seat of a long sudden car ride who are singing “El Shaddai” at the top of their voices. Abundance is getting to celebrate the lives of those who have given so much, who have lived authentically and who have influenced your life in ways profound.

Abundance is knowing that the ability to travel, to be with family, to pay for meal after meal in resturants, to sleep in a hotel room is something that many people could not do but you can. It is the having of plenty of everything so you can be where you are most needed when you need to be there. I don’t know how to take a picture of abundance but if I could it would encompass the faces of the many people who have made my current reality possible.